Welcome to Invertboot -Evolving Precision In Every Measurement

Welcome to INvertboot

Evolving Precision in Every Measurement

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Invertboot in Action

See how Invertboot can transform your day of land surveying, making you more productive and your measurements more precise!


The Invertboot Introduction: EVERY SURVEYOR and Pipe Layer's COMPANION

Keeping your rod plumb since 2017
The InvertBoot solves the age-old surveyor’s issue of recording the invert on
a culvert or drain without the need to angle your surveying rod.The InvertBoot has been created to be easily fitted on the foot of the most
popular Grade Rods such as the Crain SVR 25-Foot Fiberglass Grade Rod.With the InvertBoot the Surveying or pipe laying technician can find the invert
on as-built Infrastructure, Drainage & sanitary surveying projects as wells as
new development land surveying projects.InvertBoot is a professional grade tool that will stand up to daily commercial use.
If your project demands accurate, high-quality land surveying equipment that can
help find the invert, InvertBoot is the tool to use. InvertBoot is commercial grade
surveying equipment that is much needed in the industry.

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Our Invertboot Model fits some of the Most popular Surveyor's Leveling Rods . One being the Crain SVR 25-Foot Fiberglass Grade Rod 98010 , also known as Seco 98010 25...


INvertboot Testimonials

I use Invertboot everyday for all types of Surveys - it is much handier and accurate than a prism pole and/or bipod. It is easy to set up, ideal for indoor/industrial measurements and perfect for high precision measurements. The flexible base legs make it possible to set it on curved surfaces like pipes, and due to its small weight can be easily used on slippery surfaces.

Thomas Gondo OLS

Stoney Creek, Ontario

In using Invertboot, it provides a compact system which keep hands free, and yet provide a stabile platform for reliable, consistent, repeatable results. I use it for monitoring numerous high accuracy pins and positions. Being a compact unit allows for faster setups, and quicker changes in positions while maintaning speed without the cost of loss of accuracy.

Norman G. Ribelin
Ribelin Land Surveying, Inc.

Professional Land SurveyorSalisbury, NC

"The Invertboot is an absolute must for the surveyor looking for a quick, effortless way to layout datum points accurately and efficiently. I'm sure that once you get your Invertboot out in the field, you'll find as I did, that the possibilities for making your Surveying tasks simpler and quicker are endless!

Ralph Braun
Axis Alignment

Grimsby, Ontario

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